I'm Exhausted!

So, the kids are back to school, and I should be relishing my free time. But for some reason, I have been running around squeezing in every last second of my time without them. And I feel like I keep going. And going. And going.  I am exhausted.  Not just my brain, but every muscle in body is tired and sore too.

So what did I do last night? I took a look into my beauty closet, found the greatest bath soak, and drew one of the best baths I have had in a long time.


My bath soak of choice was The Sea Mineral Soak from The Organic Bath Co.. And the sea minerals sure did the trick.  

Infused with organic white tea and being full of protective anti-oxidants, my bath soon turned into the most muscle relaxing experience I ever got from a simple bath. The soak is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, and flavonoids - not even sure what those last two are :) - but they help me feel relaxed, repaired, and revitalized all at once.

Next time, I want to pair the soak with some of their Better Body Butter to complete the experience. Ummm -  now if I only had the time to lather, rinse, and repeat the whole bath experience every night, I am sure I would feel exhausted no more.