The Golden Globe Winners & Losers.

They graced their way down the red carpet and we have stopped and studied them all. Here we (a panel of 20, 30, and 40 something beauty lovers and award show addicts) present our list of winners and losers of this years Golden Globe Awards.

Now, we are only rating the women, as the men are just all fabulous - how can we complain? And while we do look at fashion, beauty is our thing. So, we are just sticking with the hair and makeup looks from the exciting evening.

Luckily, my loser list is short, so we will start with the lengthy list of winners, which are many.

The Winners:
Eva Longoria
- Our number one favorite makeup look of the night. Her face was flawless, perfect down to every last bit of powder. And how amazing was her smoky eye look? The ultimate.
Jennifer Lopez - We all agree that she was one of the top winners of the night. Her hair was so fitting for her and her strong features. It was my personal favorite of the night. And her makeup was just lovely, very lovely. Again, we loved the dark eyes and overall glamorous look.
Angelina Jolie - I can't believe we are adding her to the winner list, but she looked beautiful. Her hair was classic, and her makeup stunning. She used a bit more color with her dark eye look than many of the other women. On her, it was perfect.

gg_eva.jpg gg_jennifer.jpg gg_angelina.jpg gg_drew.jpg gg_ellen.jpg

Drew Barrymore
- WOW! She looked great. Her makeup was fresh and full of color. On the TV it looked to be in the pink and plum color family. Her hair was classic, and we love it dark on her pale skin.
Ellen Pompeo - Her hair! We loved her hair! We wish her makeup was a bit more glammed up, but again - her hair! It was stunning.

gg_america.jpg gg_felicity.jpg gg_helen.jpg gg_nicolette.jpg gg_jennifer_hudson.jpg

America Ferrera - Who knew Ugly Betty could be ever so glamorous. They must spend hours making her up for her character, as she looks to be a naturally beautiful girl. So hot - beautiful, young and fresh. Her total look was amazing.
Felicity Huffman - What a surprising stunner. She was very glamorous without being overdone. We give two thums up for both hair and makeup.
Helen Mirren - Such a perfect look for a women over 50. Simple and classically beautiful.
Nicollette Sheridan - Surprisingly simple and classy. Her hair and makeup were right on. We shouldn't be too surprised, but her character is just too over the top, that it is nice to see her looking - well, pretty.
Jennifer Hudson - So thrilled when she won the first award of the night, she looked awesome. We always love her hair, and her makeup was perfect for her and a glamorous awards show.

gg_renee.jpg gg_vanessa_minnillo.jpg gg_reese.jpg gg_kyra.jpg gg_jennifer_garner.jpg

Renee Zellweger - She looked under-stated, yet very elegant. Perfect for a girl with her tiny features. We loved her makeup, especially.
Vanessa Minnillo - Vanessa's entire look was fitting for her, and it blended effortlessly. We like her and her look!
Reese Witherspoon - She receives our girl next door turned glamour girl over night look. Reese had a more colorful makeup look to go with her dress, which was fitting. Her hair style looked great on her as well. I, for one, want that hairstyle now!
Kyra Sedgewick - We were in awe of her hair. The perfect curls set just so, with no frizz or a single hair out of place.
Jennifer Garner - Jennifer is the ultimate drop-dead gorgeous natural beauty. Her makeup and hair were, as always, perfect, perfect, perfect.

The Losers:
Sienna Miller
- She just looked unkept. From the messy, I can do it myself hair-do, and nothing special makeup, her look did nothing for us. A few of us liked her pink lips, though.
Vanessa Williams - I love her, and her makeup was nice - just not glam enough. But her hair looked a mess. And it was blowing just too much in the LA wind. She should have made last minute changes on account of the cold and windy weather.
Teri Hatcher - We think we have seen her in her entire look last night. The dress looked familiar - did she wear it before - and he hair and makeup made her look a bit rough.

gg_sienna.jpg gg_vanessa.jpg gg_teri.jpg

Kate Winslet
- Here come Kate's lips! They were too dark for her skin, hair, and dress. It made her overall look harsh.
Beyonce Knowles - Usually a winner, she was just too shiny. Not just one thing - everything.
Cameron Diaz - Just too, too much. Overdone on the makeup, the hair color, and overall style.

gg_kate.jpg gg_beyonce.jpg gg_cameron.jpg

So, tell us, tell us. Who were your winners and losers of the night?

all photos from wireimage.


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