Make a Whish!

Once upon a time, I wished for a fabulous shaving cream - made just for women, that was different than a run of the mill formula found in the drugstore.

whish.jpgMy whish was answered with Whish Shave Crave.

If you don't mind spending a few extra dollars on your shaving routine, Whish is for you.

Each Shave Crave begins with a glycerin soap base which is then combined with essential oils that deliver different soothing benefits to the skin. The scents include: Pomegranate Shave Crave to protect and rejuvenate the skin while shaving; Lemongrass Shave Crave, to soothe muscles aches, ease stiff joints and improve muscle tone while shaving; and Almond Shave Crave (my favorite), which provides extra moisture to dry or irritated skin.

Shaving with Shave Crave is even better with it's exclusive Body Brush. This brush was designed especially for a woman with 100% fine badger hair. They even have luxurious Body Brushes made with Swarovski crystals if you want to really make your Whish come true.

Visit WhishBody for more info and to purchase.

The Shave Craves are $32.00 each, and the Body Brushes start at $65.00 and go up depending on the syle you choose. A mini kit and after-shave for your legs are available in the new line-up too.


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