A Benefit How-To!

Check out this cool little product from Benefit. It is called "10", to get your cheeks looking like a perfect "model 10".

The application technique is unique, and I am not totally sure if it would work without some effort. You know, sweeping the brush over the product with the same pressure, and things like that. And what if you wanted a little more bronzer and less highlighter?  You would have to use a few more brushes. But it does look like a nifty little product I would definitely give a try.

Here is the "How to":








UPDATE: I wrote this post before I actually tried this product, in which I just did. There is more of the bronzer than the highlighter in the box, and the application is really simple. I just use the brush included and swipe it evenly back and forth 2 or 3 times to get the right amount of product and sweep the brush onto my cheeks. It really is easy and a great way to get a perfectly balanced look. Kudos to Benefit for a unique product offering.

"10" is $26 and shipping is free at BenefitCosmetics when you purchase "10" by using promo code: FRSHIP10