A Different Way to Enjoy Some Tea.

I love tea. Unfortunately, I cannot drink it as it is a migraine trigger for me.

jimmy_belasco.jpgAlmost better than tea, is a tea scent.  I have found a wonderful Raspberry Herbal Tea scent in a candle that takes care of my craving. It is a Jimmy Belasco Soy Candle, and it is divine!

Jimmy Belasco is the original founder of Ergo candles, and he now has his own candle line. I am quite impressed with the quality, scents, and long (clean) burn time.

I found this wonderful candle for $22 at a great web site, dedicated to helping women stress less and find comfort through great lounge wear, fragrance, bath and body products, and much, much more. It is called De-Frazzle.com - and that is what I do when I visit the fun, girlie site.

Shop De-Frazzle for this candle  and many other fun goodies.

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