Anastasia Does it Again!

Anastasia Soare has done it again. She has created two new products, and they are both beauty blog-worthy.

nu-brow.jpgThe first is called Nu-Brow. And guess what it does? It conditions your brows and helps get them growing faster. I know, we have all over-plucked or waxed off a little too much every now and then, now haven't we? And, just because we may have become masters at filling in the sparse spaces doesn't mean we have to stop there. Nu-Brow will help get them growing back to a beautifully arched brow in no time.

Nu Brow is a clear gel made up of a blend of top proteins and vitamins to help condition, and stimulate hair growth to the eyebrow area.

The gel is non-greasy and smoothes on with the brush-on applicator. And I can attest that it is very gentle. My freshly plucked (yes, in a few parts over-plucked) brows felt no sensation of burning or pain, that you may expect from a product like this.

In testing, Nu Brow is proven to stimulate the hair follicle in as quickly as 4 - 6 weeks. So I am very exited to see just how well it works.

Nu Brow is $35 at and Sephora stores.

Next up, Anastasia has added Brow Fix to her line.

Touted as "a quick fix for your face", this on the go brow wax pencil tames the most unruliest of brows.  Simply apply the clear Brow Fix over clean brows for a groomed natural look. It can even be combined with your brow powder or pencil to help create a more defined shape. It is up to you and your brow look you like to achieve.

Brow Fix is $19.00 also at and Sephora stores.


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