Anti-Aging Experiment: StriVectin-SD


StriVectin-SD. I am sure you have seen the commercials, the ads, and possibly even the knock-offs. It is everywhere. The "better than botox" cream.

We could not wait to use Stri-Vectin in our experiment. Here is who gave it a try: Teri - 30 something, Laurie - 40 something, Brandie - 50 something, and Rose - 60 something.

From the StriVectin website, a description of how StriVectin-SD works:

stri.jpg"StriVectin-SD includes a proprietary complex of skin firming agents, elasticizers, and skin hydrators… adding up to the most comprehensive topical formulation shown to effectively confront virtually every aspect of visible stretch mark reduction.
A groundbreaking series of studies has demonstrated, without a doubt, the amazing effectiveness of StriVectin-SD’s® functional isolates. After reviewing and verifying the clinical data, an incredible 93% of subjects saw a signifigant, visible reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. The unequivocal, verified results speak for themselves. But there’s more. Clinical observations further document the ability of StriVectin-SD’s independent isolates to dramatically improve the appearance of: Indented surfaces, Smooth surfaces, Skin firmness, Irregularities in skin discoloration."

Our thoughts while using:

  • The cream is heavy, a little goes a long way
  • The aromatic oils, mostly of peppermint, are very strong. Use caution around the eyes, nose, and lips.
  • No other moisturizer is needed when using this
  • Apply it sparingly twice a day
  • Use it wherever you want results. 

str_eye.jpgOur results:
Teri - Probably the fastest working treatment I have ever used. I used it on my neck and chest and the StriVectin-SD Eye Cream around one of my eyes. Within days, my neck was smoothing out, and within a month, the few lines I have on my neck and chest are greatly diminished. The entire area is toned, a bit taught, and such an even shade of color. The fine lines around my eye are gone. Totally gone! The area is almost strangely smooth with no lines whatsoever.
Laurie - I am so impressed by this cream. I am a smoker and I used around my mouth. After just a few weeks, and noticing that my lines were almost filled in, I began slathering this all over my face and neck. The results on me are remarkable and I can't stop talking this product up.
Brandie - I used StriVectin on my chest only. I have very oily skin and I was afraid to put this on my face or neck. My leathered and weathered chest skin (from too many years of sunning myself) needed something. After using it for almost a month now, I am beginning to notice that my chest is smoother and it looks more even and firm. I plan to keep using it to see if continued use helps.
Rose - My hands have always shown my age more than other parts of me, so I wanted to use it only my hands, and because I was trying out other targeted products for my face. I have to admit that I used StriVectin as I would a typical hand cream by applying it multiple times a day whenever my hands felt dry. Within a few days, I began to realize that it was probably the best hand cream I ever used, and actually decreased the number of times a day I needed to apply it. A few of my age spots are fading. My lines are almost invisible. My hand still show aging, just not as much.

StriVectin-SD is $135 for a 6 oz tube. The Eye Cream (which is the same formula without the peppermint oils) is $59 for a 1.3 oz tube. StriVectin is available from their official website, at, Sephora, Nordstrom and Macy's stores, and I even saw this at Costco, where it was under $100.


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