Barbie - THE Beauty Icon.

barbie.jpgI don't care what anyone says, but Barbie is a beauty icon.  She has been around for a little longer than I have, and she is still going strong today. Forget about her fab figure, just look at her and how she has represented the decades in beauty and fashion. An icon she is. And guess who has teamed up with MAC for their latest Spring Collection? No other than MAC Cosmetics. The collection will be available on February 15th -so get you credit cards ready.

The collection is beautiful, and the packaging will definitely be a favorite among collectors. The colors are so reminiscent of Barbie - both the Caucasian and African-American models. The pinks are amazing, my friends. And I, for one, love pink and can't wait to be wearing a lot of it.

Thinking back to Barbie, I got out some of my dolls recently and I have a Barbie that has a date of 1968 on it. Yes, almost 40 years old. She has short dark hair (which I stupidly cut even shorter), blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and very thick plastic eye liner or eye lashes - not sure which it was supposed to be. Her figure is pretty much straight and boxy - not the boobs and hips that are on today's model. I would say that today she looks very retro. And that is what the Barbie line represents to me too - a bright retro look.

I will be bringing you more on the Barbie Loves MAC collection soon with great pictures too. The photos in all of the literature are beautiful. The models are made up to be Barbie - and I must congratulate them on a job well done. There will even be a special MAC Barbie Doll for $35 available.

Way to go Mattel and MAC!

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