An Hour of DuWop Color Cosmetics.

WOW! An hour with DuWop!

duwop_photo.jpgQVC just notified me of an added Beauty Show to this months' schedule. There will be an hour of DuWop Color Cosmetics airing tomorrow (Monday January 8th) from 3 - 4 PM EST. YEAH!

Products to get this look on the left will be featured among others.

Also featured will be a 5 piece DuWop Discovery Kit, Nightfall Venom Lipgloss Trio that looks amazing, as I love these little glosses, and even a piece from their new Spring collection.

I can't wait. I love, love, love their Revolotion Face. It doesn't look like they will be featuring it on QVC, but do check it out on their website as it is my most recommended and favorite DuWop product.

Happy Sunday!

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