Small Palettes.

Sometimes I wonder if palettes are even worth it. Many of them are, MAC, Laura Geller, and Smashbox come to mind when thinking of ones I really like. But when some palettes are made so small to begin with, how are we to be able to truly come to know and love a product.

Case in point, the Dior Dior Dazzle Palette. Now, I am not a Dior basher, as I really like their glosses, but their palettes seem to leave a little to be desired - don't they?

dior_dazzle.jpgLook at the photo to the left. The entire palette is basically the size of a foundation or large blush compact. And in it are two blushes, four eye shadows, a lip gloss, and three brushes? They just crammed too much in there.

dior_lips.jpgNow look at this photo, on the right, from Dior. It is of a lip gloss palette. It is the same size as the Dazzle palette, so I feel it is worth it.

Am I missing something? Or we are only to be teased by palettes?