The Palette System from Bobbi Brown.

No one does a palette quite like Bobbi Brown. Her Burnt Sugar Metallics palette is certainly getting a lot of use from me, and I am looking forward to playing with more of them by personalizing my own palette system.


Customizing is simple. You pick an eye, lip, and cheek palette, and add that to your little palette system holder, and you are finished.

Here at the palettes you can select for your own kit.
Eye Palettes
Neutral Eye Shadow Palette with Ivory Eye Shadow, Cement Eye Shadow, Slate Eye Shadow, and Mahogany Eye Shadow. $40
Dark Eye Shadow Palette with Cognac Metallic Shadow, Cashmere, Bone, and Rich Brown Eye Shadows. $40
Lip Palettes
Lipstick Palette
with Mauve and Kir Lip Shimmers, Slopes Lip Color, and Cranberry Lip Sheer. $40
Lipgloss Palette with Naked and Rum Lip Glosses and Penny and Posey Shimmer Lip Glosses. $40
Blush Palette
Blush Palette
with Bobbi's most popular blushes in Pale Pink and Tawny. $35
The Palette System Holder
This pretty pink case is perfect for holding you palettes plus comes complete with a mini Black Everything Mascara and three mini brushes: Blush, Eye Shadow, and Eye Liner. $55

I just wish they had one complete price for the whole palette system, but I am thinking that someone might choose both lip palettes or something, so they left the products priced individually for that reason.

The Palette System is exclusively available at