Never Fear the Nail Salon Again.

With all of the recent talk of MRSA and infections, you can never be too careful. One place that fails to get mentioned but is indeed a bacteria breeding ground, is that of the nail salon. No matter how meticulous and clean you favorite nail salon may be, bacteria could be lurking anywhere.

What can you do to prevent a possible cross contamination infection? Bring your own nail tools.


This is certainly not your run of the mill nail kit. This is a professional nail kit that contains only professional nail tools, one your nail technician would not have a problem using to make your nails beautiful. This is the Sephora Brand Professional Manicure/Pedicure Nail Kit. For $42, you get a vinyl zippered case filled with everything you need:

  • cuticle nipper
  • cuticle pusher
  • nail clipper
  • nail buffer
  • nail file
  • nail brush
  • pumice stone
  • set of toe separators
Never fear the nail salon again when you bring in this handy little tote. If your nail tech has a problem with you bringing in your own tools, then she is not a good nail tech that realizes the dangers and bacteria that you are trying to prevent.