MAC Cosmetics - Of Beauty.

I have not even had the time to go all through the MAC Holiday Collections (don't fret, I will still bring you info on all the great pieces), and they launch a another collection already. And two more are coming up this week on the 21st. I guess I know why we all love MAC so much, right?

MAC_Cosmetics_Of_Beauty.jpgLet me introduce you to MAC Cosmetics Of Beauty

Just look at the gorgeous powders. If you love to play with loose powders and highlight here, there, and every where, then Of Beauty is definitely for you.

Beauty Powders:

A light sheer loose sumptuously pearlescent powder in soft colours with precious/unusual reflective qualities for a glamorous shimmering effect,highlighting and blushing. Gives a wash of colour and luminous shimmer to eyes and cheeks. Provides a sheer coverage with a lightweight feel. $21 each.

The shade selection:
Dancing Light Creamy gold with white gold reflect
Drizzlegold Fleshy beige with copper and gold reflect
Natural Flare Peachy champagne with white and gold reflect
Sunspill Coral Peach with white and gold reflect
Tenderdusk Soft pink with red and gold reflect
Soft Flame Rich plum with reddish copper reflect

Studio Lights:

A softly tinted, sheer, reflective, semi-fluid colour used on the under-eye area to help brighten the look of dark circles. Can also be used to highlight and contour key areas of the face. $14.50 each.

The shade selection:
Skin Lure Soft creamy beige
Ideal Pink Palest pinkish beige
Smoothspice Caramel
Frangipan Pale golden yellow
Sand Soft peachy beige

Of Beauty is exclusively available at all MAC locations as well as