MAC Holiday 2007 - The Prettiest Packaging!

Some of the prettiest packaging can be found encasing the MAC Holiday Collection this year.

MAC_Packaging.jpg From the beautiful - heavy, I might add; ornate metal cases for the palettes, to the beautiful brocade material weaved together that holds the brushes and lipstick/lipgloss, there is so much to love.

The tubular packaging embossed with bright silver and gold crests are worthy of your china cabinet, even. The lipstick tube is a collectors item for sure. The crested emblem is even printed on the lipglass tube.

All of the makeup and cases come in boxes that do not even need wrapping. Embellished with the emblem as well, these sturdy linen paper boxes make such a perfect presentation.

Gosh, I could go on and on about how much you will love the collection at first sight. The packaging honestly speaks for itself.

Now, say you are faced with the ultimate gift giving dilemma. You purchase one of the Finery gift sets with the gorgeous bag, lipglass and two lipsticks. You immediately fall in love with one of the lipsticks. And then you decide that you just have to have that lipglass to go with said lipstick. Hmm.. well, at least you still give away one of the lipsticks and bag, right? Well, maybe just the bag. :)

Get on over to your MAC counter and see exactly what I am talking about. I will say it again. This MAC Collection has the prettiest packaging ever! Ever!!!