MAC Holiday 2007 Heirlooms Brush Sets.

No one does makeup brushes like MAC. They are my favorites! If you have never had a chance to use any of the MAC brushes, probably the best ways to try them would be with one of these Holiday Heirlooms Brush Sets.

All of the brush sets are housed in the prettiest woven metallic threaded clutches, all with the MAC crown detailing on the plastic hanger. Beautiful!



M·A·C 'Heirlooms' 4 Face Brushes
This set features four professional-quality basic brushes for the face: 168SE, 187SE, 190SE and 194SE.


M·A·C 'Heirlooms' 5 Basic Brushes
This set features five professional-quality basic brushes for lips, face and eyes: 129SE, 219SE, 239SE, 266SE and 316SE.


M·A·C 'Heirlooms' 5 Eye Brushes
This set featuresfive professional quality basic brushes for the eyes: 209SE, 212SE, 217SE, 252SE and 275SE.