Not to Be Forgotten...

It is funny how you forget things - like how great a product is. Also forgetting when the heck I have mentioned this before. Because I swear I have.

Just because I can't find my post at the moment, I figured I will express my love for this again - to refresh all of our memories.

The products I am speaking of is Tarte's fRxtion.

frxtion.jpg Forget that this nifty duo sided lip savior is housed in the neatest case - with a mirror that "pops" open, almost unexpectedly when opened. That is just the beginning about this amazing product. fRxtion is, like I said, a double sided product. On one side you will find a sugar based exfoliant, and on the the other, a waxy-like lip balm.

The brown sugar smell is worth the price of admission alone!  So, the brown side, the one that both looks and smells like brown sugar, is a nice and gentle exfoliant. Not too gritty and grainy - almost the perfect texture. When applying, lips are almost immediately smoothed as you bear down with it a bit. Follow this up with the lighter, almost clear side, and you lips are smooth as silk.

Tarte Cosmetics fRxtion is $11, available at Tarte.

Geez - I don't understand how I forgot how totally nifty this product is.

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