Fresh Bloom.

The title of Clinique's Spring collection is Fresh Bloom. And the products scream fresh, not only from the shades, but from the beautiful way they are presented too.

clinique_spring.jpgJust look at that beautiful colour palette. Does the insignia look familiar? It is the trademark flower that has been used on Clinique's pretty packaging for years.

The products in the collection:
Fresh Bloom Allover Colour -  A beautiful , luminous tri-colored palette to be used on the cheeks, eyes, or  as a high lighter. Swirl the shades together or use them individually.  It comes in 4 shade sets.  $29.50

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio - Three beautiful shades in the perfect sizes, you know we always use the lightest highlighting color the most. These shadows apply almost like a silky cream and leave true color. This trio is available in two color palettes, and they are both so perfect that you just may have to splurge on both. $21.50

Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine - The best lip gloss formula from Clinique ever. This formula gently plumps while it softens and lays down beautiful color. This is a newer product from Clinique, with  3 shades that are limited for this collection. My pick is the limited Pink Aplenty. $17.50

All of these are new to the Clinique counters and are of course, limited edition.