Gearing Up for the Oscars!

Who isn't gearing up for the Oscars tonight? I am sure it started weeks ago.

botox.jpgBotox injections need a few weeks to settle before a face is looking perfect from it, and lips that are plumped up a little bit need at least a few days to look in their prime. And the tanning - which I hope is a self-tan.  I am sure the self-tanners were flying off the shelves in LA this past week.

Forget fashion, that is  the easiest part. Think of the hair cuts, highlights, extensions, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, facials, eye brow waxing... I could go on and on. These last weeks preceding the Oscars must be some of the busiest for those that help make us look beautiful. I can't imagine practically any star not having an appointment that wasn't booked out as soon as the Oscar dates are finalized.

And not just for the show - for the parties, people. Some of the swankiest parties of the year are thrown on Oscar night. Can you imagine the beauty loot that must be carried around with them while party hopping.

We'll be picking our favorites of the evening and be bringing you a full report on Monday. Stay tuned!