Really - What Were They Thinking?

Oh my - I don't know what these ladies were thinking.  The makeup and hair looks on these beautiful folks don't do them justice.

Jodie Foster - First, I think that the hair color is too dark for her,
and way too heavy on the bangs. Also, the hair style is just too
"everyday". And the dark makeup makes Jodie look too old.
Sorry, this is not a good look for you!




 Penelope Cruz - Honey, you are just too young and beautiful
 for this dark and sleek look. When I first looked at her in the
 photos, I honestly did not know who this was. She looks like
 a woman well past her 50th birthday. Lighten up, Penelope!



Elisabeth Shue - We haven't seen you in a while, and I would
have loved to have seen you all glammed up.  Elisabeth, it
looks like you did your own hair and makeup, and picked up
your dress at Macy's on the way. This is the Oscars, dear.




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