For a Super SexySmile...

We all want to flash a Super SexySmile, don't we? Now is better than ever with Valentines Day just around the corner. You have got to see this product to marvel in it's unique invention.

sexysmile.jpgSexySmile looks like a double ended lip gloss - but it is not. While one side does hold a sheer shiny lip gloss shade, the other side holds a tooth whitener. How cool, and convenient, is that?

The invention was developed by cosmetic dentist Dr. Pia Lieb, where she is quoted as saying that "a beautiful smile imparts both health and self-esteem". I could not agree more.

You can use SexySmile as a full mouth treatment or on individual teeth that may be plagued with a few stains. You can us it up to six times a day by simply brushing it on, and leaving it on for 20 minutes.

SexySmile tastes minty fresh before it turns to the tell-tale taste of the whitening wonder  hydrogen peroxide.

The portability and ease of use makes this combo a real winner. You can choose from 7 sexy shades of lip gloss color  too.  A fast way to get a SexySmile for a mere $28.50! Visit the website to order or get more information.

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