Inner Grace.

Philosophy has created one of their favorite formulas, their 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel, in memory of the late and great, Dana Reeve. Dana Reeve was the wife of philo_inner.jpgthe late Christopher Reeve. And the title of this product exemplifies who Dana was, in person and in spirit. Inner Grace.

Inner Grace is one of the best smelling, clean, yet fresh and pretty scents, I have ever smelled. It is a softer, less musky version of Amazing Grace. I hope it is added as a regular product, with hopefully lotion and perfume from the company soon. That is how much I adore this scent.

Philosophy does such wonderful philanthropic work, and is donating all of the proceeds from the sale of Inner Grace to the Christoper Reeve Foundation. I couldn't think of a better tribute to Christopher or Dana, and I applaud Philosophy for it's grand effort.