Spring Hair Trends.

antonia_salon.jpgFrom the Antonio Prieto Salon in New York City, comes the hottest hair trends to hit this spring. And in case you didn't know - today is the first day of Spring!

Color is Bold & Beautiful, Victorian/Baroque Decadence (a la Marie Antoinette), Luxurious & Edgy.
*Brunettes stay mysterious and ultra-chic with stormy, cool browns and
single process color. Throw your hundreds of highlights to the wayside
and accent your hair with bigger chunks of color or accessories.
*Blondes find a subtler, serious side with matted tones of platinum and
blue-grey. These muted, powder hues emulate a new type of elegance.
*Redheads stray away from ‘au natural’ donning flushed, decadent
crimson and copper tones. Such zealous colors stray far away from
‘au natural’ but embody the ultimate in luxury.

The cuts are modern, sexy, fresh and glamorous: A melding of different eras (80’s volume,
20’s finger-waves, Victorian Glamour, the 90’s short crop (a la Linda Evangelista). It is all about Individual Style - not one uniform look- more about the shape.
*Long Hair Dramatic, more texture, shorter layers around the face;
allows the hair to move and appear less solid.
*Short Hair Modern, textured version of the late 80’s crop with softer edges
for more movement. The “New Romantics” look is revisited: bi-Level or
disconnected short cuts where their hair is longer on top, cut shorter underneath.
*Men’s Hair The edgy, rocker look: highly texturized, different lengths,
asymmetrical fringe gives the guy with style that extra something.

The styles are:
*Imperfect, chaotic waves
*80’s volume but with less on top, a focus on the bottom
*Sleek high ponytails, French twists
*Headbands, ribbons, elastics
*Extensions - natural looking - a great way to add non-permanent color & volume
*Falls - if you don’t have the length in your own hair - buy it!

What will you do different with your hair this Spring?