More on the MAX Factor Salutes Hollywood Fashion Show.

Max_Factor_logo.gifRemember the little video I posted about the Carmen Electra fall at the MAX Factor Fashion Show? Well, I have got the scoop on the rest of the show for you now.

The event was hosted by Carmen Electra to benefit Clothes Off Our Back, to benefit children's charities.
At the show, some of the most beautiful Hollywood glam girls modeled stunning creations that are stunning creations that are now being auctioned off at  Clothes Off Our Back. But hurry, the auction only runs until March 29th.

The models were made up by the legendary Pat McGrath, of course. She created the high-glam, cutting-edge makeup looks with MAXalicious Glitz and Glaze Lip Glosses, MAXEye Shadow Exotics Collection, Volume Couture Mascara, Pan-Stik makeup and Erace concealer.