Sculpture Your Lashes.

Expanding its luxury line of beautiful (and the most elegantly packaged) line of cosmetics, Besame Cosmetics recently introduced their first mascara. It is called Sculpture Lash Mascara.

besame_mascara.jpgSculpture Lash comes in two shades, Brilliant Black and Stunning Plum, which both are perfect for anyone. This mascara does what the name says, sculpts your lashes with just one coat.

Inside the formula are ingredients that help keep the lashes curl in place while not making them stiff, polymers to lengthen and thicken (with no clumping, of course), and even a few anti-aging ingredients that helps to strengthen the lashes.

Have you looked at how gorgeous the packaging for this mascara is, well, as are all of Besames products? Your friends will be envious and asking you what you are using just by viewing the packaging.

Look for Sculpture Lash Mascara ($25) online at Besame Cosmetics, at select fine retailers, or at their premier location at Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue, NYC.