A Good For You Lipgloss!

If you spend enough time on the beauty blogs, then you have probably heard about this. But I am asking you now - have you tried it yet?

tarte_insideout.jpg I am talking about Tarte's newest innovation - a lip gloss that is good for you. Yes, Inside Out, a creation between Tarte and Borba, one of the leading nutraceutical companies, is here. And it is a sure fire winner.

Seeing as the average lip gloss user will ingest 2 - 4 pounds (YES - POUNDS) of lip gloss in a lifetime, than it should be good for you, right? That is where Borba's expertise comes in. So this gloss not only shines well, tastes great (like pomegranate), moisturizes lips as it shines them - but the vitamins inside the gloss pack a long-term punch in helping skin retain moisture, restore radiance, and clarify. Not just the lips - your skin. On your entire body!

Inside Out comes in three shades: Om - a sheer shimmery, pale pink; Apple-A-Day - a sheer shimmery hot pink; and Liquid Sunshine - a sheer shimmery nude shade. I have been eating wearing Om, since I received it. Gosh, I hope they are in the process of creating more shades, but I would hate to not use a lip gloss that is not good for me, even though I am sure I will.  ;)

Check out Tarte Cosmetics for all of the shades.  Each Inside Out Lip Gloss retails for $21.00.

What are you waiting for? Buy one for yourself now and at least make your lip gloss habit one that is good for you! Plus, it comes with one packet of Borba's Clarifying Aqua-Less Crystalline Skin Balance Water Mix.

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