Ahhh...The Mediterranean.

I am so jealous of my mother. I just picked her up from the airport, where she was coming back from a 10 day  Mediterranean Cruise. Can you imagine, basking in the beauty of the Mediterranean for over a week? She said it was incredible, and the pictures are amazing. And she looks so alive, refreshed, and amazing as well.

arden_spray_a.jpgWell, I didn't make the trip to the Mediterranean, but Elizabeth Arden has created a new perfume line that makes me think (even if just for a second) that I was there.

The line is simply called Mediterranean. And just by smelling the fragrance you become feeling radiant. Maybe a bit sensual and captivating. Yes - those are the words they use to describe the fragrance, and aptly so. Sensual florals combine with creamy woods to reflect the waters and rich texture of the Mediterranean.

The notes in the fragrance:
Peach Nectar Sorbet
Sicilian Mandarin
Damask Plum
Radiant Wisteria
Star Magnolia
Madagascar Orchid
Addictive Sandalwood
Fluid Skin Musk
Golden Amber Whisper

Along with the beautiful holographic design of the packaging, making it seem as if the blue sky is meeting thearden_a.jpg blue sea, the fragrance will make you forget where you are. It is dreamy and intoxicating.

Mediterranean - The Fragrance, the Collection:
Ead de Parfum Spray
1.7 fl oz $47.50
3.3 fl oz $57.50

Body Lotion $29.50
Shimmer Powder with Puff $35.00
Body Cream $40.00

I have been layering the body cream with the shimmer powder, and just one spray of the EDP. I swear that I smell and feel like I just stepped off the cruise with my mother.

Mediterranean just arrived at Elizabeth Arden, so be sure to stop by and take a whiff soon. I know you will want to bring it home too.

And how beautiful is Catherine Zeta Jones, anyway. She always looks like she just back from the Mediterranean, doesn't she?