My Juicy Tube Obsession.

Until I recently switched to my Spring handbag, I never realized how many Lancome Juicy Tubes I had.

Can you guess how many I had in my handbag alone? Seven! Seven Juicy Tubes! And they were amongst many other tubes of gloss I stash away in there.

My Juicy Tube Color Collection:
juicytubes.jpgCupcake Pink
Fruity Pop
Frozen Punch
Berry Twist
Silver Bells
Chai Freeze
Blueberry Blast
Pink Horizon
Caramel Delight
Magic Spell

The shade names say it all.

And in case you have never used a Juicy Tube, they are tubes of super shiny, slick, glossy lip gloss, with a hint of color.  They retail for $17.50 each. You must check them out at They offer lot's of Limited Edition shades too.