Getting My Glow On!

Being it is school vacation a.k.a. Spring Break in our household, I am getting my glow on by starting my self-tanning ritual. Yes - I am a bit early this year. Hey, just because I didn't get to St. Bart's this week doesn't mean I can't look like I have been there - right?

So far I have only been using a few products. You know, the self-tanners mixed into a moisturizer for the most gradual sun kissed glow.

jergens_glow_face.jpgI started with the Jergens new Natural Glow FACE Daily Moisturizer ($6.99) on my face, neck, and chest, while I am using their Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($6.99) on the rest of my body. I initially started with the Fair for my face, and the medium for most of my body. I just purchased the medium for my face as well, and will begin to use that to see a little faster results.

I like the gradual results, but I hate the smell. It stinks - but if you can get past that,  the color is even, very natural, and gradual. I only use it at night before bed so I can wash off the starchy smell first thing in the morning.

bare_bronze.jpgFor the day I have been alternating the Jergen products with those of Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Collection. Now these Bare Bronze products all smell heavenly - like a refreshing pina colada.

I have been using the Bare Bronze Daily Glow Facial Moisturizer ($17.50)on my face, neck, and chest - and I love the way it has just enough moisture for my skin to get me through the day. I plan to use their Bare Bronze Gleaming Self-Tan Body Tint ($18) later this week, when I am ready for a more deep bronzed glow.

While this only begins my self-tanning rituals, I am excited to discover new self-tanners, and get to know my old favorites a little better.  Look for my ongoing reviews as we progress into warmer weather.