Spring Candles.

Candles may not be the most personal gift, but they are a nice gift for possibly an aunt or grandmother, especially when you do not want to make a huge production out of it.

One of my favorite candle companies is Lumiere. All of Lumiere's candles are hand poured daily from the best ingredients by skilled artisans. They use only the best quality ingredients and use their exquisite craftsmanship required to make an exceptional product.


They are offering a new Spring Collection, that is so in tune to the season. In this set are 3 - 4oz. candles in the scents of Lilacs in Rain, Chamomile & Lavender, and Fresh Air. This collection retails for $30.00.

You can shop for this collection and many more of Lumiere's beautifully scented candles at The Luxury Candle Company.