Newness from Tarte.

If you are not too busy this Saturday, June 2nd, you might want to tune into QVC to watch Maureen Kelly, creator of Tarte Cosmetics. She will be on at 3:00 AM EST (maybe you should Tivo this one!) for two 8 minute segments, and again at 2:00 PM EST for another 8 minute segment.

tarte_sweetcheeks.jpgI can't wait to see Maureen launch a new QVC-tarte exclusive product, Sweet Cheeks: Cheek Stain Set and their new all natural self-tanner, Sunburst Body! Sweet Cheeks will debut at $25 and Sunburst Body at $35.

tarte_sunburst_body.jpgIf you are looking for a nice, build able self-tanner for you body, then you should definitely check out Sunburst Body. I have used this moisturizing self-tanner on my legs and I really like the results. To use, I squeeze out about a quarter sized amount, and rub the lotion together in my hands until the beads burst. I then apply Sunburst Body just like a lotion, but more carefully over my feet, ankles, and knees, of course. Using the color as I guide, I use this amount for each leg. After washing off, the long term self-tanner color results are gradual, but have turned my legs a beautiful golden brown in about a week.

Let me know if you cave on anything!