How Amazing is your Mom?

I think my Mother is absolutely amazing. She is probably the least selfish person I know. Always kind. Giving. Thoughtful. And always there to lend support to those that want it. I am truly inspired by her, and still to this day, wish I could keep up with her! She is so full of life, energy, and love. She is simply amazing - one of a kind.

md_amazinggrace.jpgSo, what do I give my most Amazing Mom for Mother's Day? Amazing Grace Mother's Day Gift Set from Philosophy.

I love the entire fragrance line of Philosophy, and I recently got Mom hooked on Amazing Grace, so she should be thrilled to get this wonderful set. 

This Amazing Grace Gift Set includes an Amazing Grace spray fragrance, Amazing Grace shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath,  Amazing Grace perfumed body firming emulsion and an Amazing Grace shimmer powder puff with the lightest scent of Amazing Grace with a hint of sparkle.

This set retails for $65 at Philosophy, and there a few variations of it available at Sephora,, and QVC as well.

Mother's Day better hurry up and get here or I just might be over come with temptation and open this beauty up for myself.