Getting A Tan, The Xen-Tan Way!

I discovered Xen-Tan last year, and I have been hooked ever since.

Xen-Tan is a line up of premium sunless tanners. Their line offers something from gradual, no tinted tanning cream, tinted sprays and lotions, mousse, and even bronzer for the fairest to the darkest of skin tones. Xen-Tan really has something for everyone.

I am always amazed at how well the self-tan from Xen-Tan lasts. It fades naturally with no freckled appearance, as none of their tanners contain mineral oil and the pH of the products are balanced in a way to give a natural looking glow that fades naturally and evenly - which is very important for us self-tanning addicts.  The tinted based products have color that is so believable, as it goes on an olive tan, instead of an orange or bronze glow. It looks so natural, that you can simply apply, dry, and go. And the smell is the best cherry-almond blend you have ever whiffed.

You must look at their website to get a full taste of all of their products, but here are my favorites that I use on a regular basis in my self-tanning routines.

xt_mist.gifXen-Tan Dark Mist, $29 - This is a tinted non-aerosol spray, in a pump. I like to spray it on a sponge like the one they offer on the website, and then apply where needed. It dries quick, so you have to blend it well and fast, but the color is amazing, and it is a cinch to use on the hands.

xt_extender.gifXen-Tan Tan Extender, For Light Tanning, $28 - This is a non-tinted (white in color) cream, that I use on my chest and neck a few times a week. The resulting color is very natural for me, not too dark or golden, just a natural looking light brown suntan. I also use it on my legs probably once a week, as an additional product to my regular leg self-tanner (Lancome Flash Bronzer) to keep my legs moisturized while still looking like I have a deep tan.

Are you a Xen-Tanner?