Back to School Beauty: Backpack Essentials.

graphic_btsb_icon.jpgI would like to think that I know what every back to school beauty wants in her backpack, but after a week of school, I know for sure what my daughter and some friends need in their's. With the help of a few 12 - 17 year old girls, my sons girl friends loved spilling their backpacks to let me see their beauty loot, we have come up with our Backpack Essentials.

The number one and two must-have items are a hair brush and hair spray. Seems no one can get through the day without taming their luscious locks. One girl even carries a flat iron in her backpack, but swears it is only for afterschool touch-ups.


The girls love the new Herbal Essences Set Me Up Max Hold Hairspray, and at around $4, it is very afforable to keep in extra can at school.

btsb_hardcandy_fragrance.jpgNext up on the list is a fragrance spray. Our favorites are the new Hard Candy Fragrance and SO...? Kiss Me.

Lip gloss and Lip Balm are must-have backpack items too. While my daughter is a MAC girl (yup, she get all the shades I cannot wear), the others are in love with Burt's Bees  - both the lip balms and tinted lip shimmers.

Mascara, Maybelline's Great Lash to be exact, was in five out of the 8 backpacks I got to see, and most of them had a bronzer (or two) in there floating around too. Our favorites are various bronzers from Physicians Formula inlcuding their new Bright Bronzing Powder, and another from Hard Candy.  I found it a little funny that these New England girls love their SoCal Glow Bronzer.

I was surprised that only one gal, the one who toted that flat iron around, had an entire cosmetic case full of makeup in her backpack.  I was never one to carry much makeup around, so it sort of shocked me that a young girl would need so much to get her through a six hour school day.