Moisturelush - New from MAC.


A firming moisturizing primer that makes makeup apply smoother and last longer. This is Moisturelush from MAC.

Moisturelush Cream - $32
A richly hydrating face cream that helps moisturize and protect facial skin. Provides instant, long-lasting moisture. Leaves skin soft while lush formula helps balance skin’s natural barrier and alleviate dry skin. Silky to apply, glides on easily. Helps create an even surface for a smooth, more perfect makeup application.

With a fresh scent and totally smooth, milky texture, this light cream which is more lotion like then cream like, almost immediately sinks into skin. My makeup did apply smoother and my face felt more moisturized instantly, as well.

Moisturelush Eye Cream - $30
A richly hydrating eye cream with optical effects. Rejuvenates, reconditions and refreshes. Visibly lifts and firms skin around the eyes: helps reduce early morning/late night puffiness and balance the skin’s moisture levels. Provides long-lasting moisture.

This is little darker in color than the cream, and it is definitely more of a heavy cream. This sinks into skin pretty quickly, and firms the skin around your eyes - to the point where it looks and feels smoother and tighter not long after it is applied. My concealer looked better than ever. This cream is truly amazing. I still used my regular eye cream right after my shower as there is usually some lag time before I get to applying makeup.  

If you haven't turned to MAC for it's skin care items before, you will once you try this.