L.U.C.I. from Lancome.

Lancome's newest collection, L.U.C.I., which sadly is Gucci Westmans' last addition for Lancome, is on counters now. These may very well become collectors items!


L.U.C.I. stands for Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence. I did not get it at first, but when I saw these beauties in person, I totally understood. These colors are high tech, but based on some of the most simple things such as the sky, ocean, and luminescent sea-shells. Beautiful, no? The technology comes into play with how reflective and iridescent the colors are. Lancome calls this "Photonic".

Iridescent color, like that found on a butterfly’s wing or a bubble, is the result of an optical phenomenon where hues of an object change color based on light interference and viewing angles. Iridescent color is not composed of pigments and is therefore sometimes called “colorless color.” Lancôme Advanced Research created a patented invention that is able to interpret particles of colorless color and incorporate them into makeup products to create “photonic” makeup.

The formula of this makeup looks white to the eye, but when applied to the skin or on top of another product, it creates a spectacular transformation. Each of the colorless color particles acts as tiny light chambers, capturing and intensely refracting light for an iridescent finish. The pure and intense halo of color that is produced reflects rose, blue, coral or green hues, enhancing lips, eyes and skin. Depending on one’s complexion, the halo of color changes; when a photonic product is placed on fair skin it transforms into an iridescent and pastel shade, while on darker skin, it becomes deep and intense.

The star products in the collection:

L.U.C.I Eyes – Light Color in Motion Eye Shadow Duo ($45)

A stunning shell-shaped eye shadow compact holds two shadows, a beautiful bronze and a photonic shade. Use the photonic shadow over the bronze color to create a unique third shade. Or use the photonic shade on its own to create a luminous look. Available in Ray of Apricot Light. Suggested Retail

Photonic – Illuminating Powder Brush Face ($40)

This glowing, translucent photonic loose powder can be used to sculpt the face or add a sheer veil of radiance. Available in Ray of Apricot Light. 

Ombre Glacée – Cooling Gel Illuminator Eyes ($22)

This creamy, cooling eye shadow can be used alone or blended over another color to highlight and brighten the eye area. Apply the light texture over your eyelid and up to the brow bone or experiment by bringing it from the eye down to the cheekbone to create a beautiful aura that lights up the face. Available in Chameleon, Morning Pearl and Sunrise.

Color Fever Gloss – Sensual Vibrant Lipshine ($23)

Make a statement and use the photonic gloss as a topcoat over lipstick or one of the two new shades of Color Fever Gloss to transform shades into intense, brilliant colors. Available in Sunray (photonic shade), Seashell and Rainbow. 

Color Fever Shine – Sensual Sheer Color. Vibrant Shine. ($25)

Revamp your lips with two new lipsticks. Use the photonic shade by itself for a reflective lilac effect or place over the deep rasberry shade for a dazzling, luminous result. Available in Luminous (photonic shade) and Desert Pink.

Traceur Design –Illuminating Long-Lasting Eyeliner Soft Brush ($20)

An eye liner with photonic lilac reflections to line the eyes and make them sparkle. Available in: Ray of Purple Light.


I am having so much fun playing with Ombre Glacée in Morning Pearl. It is the perfect brow highlighter, and applied as a base to use with other shadows, especially lightly metallic ones, the effect is gorgeous. I have even dabbed a bit into the corner of my eyes when keeping my eye shadow sheers and simple, and it brings out the prettiest pearly shade - like it was meant to be there. And the Color Fever Gloss in Sunray is a must-have. Using it alone is beautiful, and it really picks up different shades that may be on your cheek or reflect off of your clothing. I have also used it over countless lipsticks, but my favorite look has to be when I first apply the Color Fever Gloss in Seashell and top it off with the gloss in Sunray, as suggested above. Beee-autiful!


Get on over to your favorite Lancome counter or Boutique soon, as these are fine beauties that will not last on the shelves very long.