Hair Coloring Tips from Clairol's Celebrity Colorist.

Sunshine, swimming pools and vacations, left you relaxed and refreshed – but do you find your haircolor looks different? Mine sure is, and my latest at-home color job didn't really come out as expected either. Environmental factors can cause the underlining orange and red tones in your hair to peak through – making your haircolor look brassy. That is definitely my problem.

Next time I color, I will definitely be using this one to try to get back my natural-looking healthy color. This is Natural Instincts Brass Free.

Celebrity colorist Jason Backe has shared some "Brass Free Tips" with me.

If you want to find out if you are likely to become brassy, you can ask yourself some questions like: Were you a brunette as a child? Are there redheads in the family? When the sun reflects off of your hair do you see any unwanted red popping out?
If your answer is yes to any of those questions, you are likely to become brassy. For women who can become brassy, shade selection is key.

Kick Brass to the curb! Essentially, warm tones, similar to the orange or reddish tones you might have in your hair, need the balance of cool tones to neutralize the brassiness.  The right proportion of cool color is key to counteracting brassiness.  In the salon when selecting a shade for my clients, I make sure the color has the right balance of tones and is not too warm because I know it could end up looking brassy. I make the same recommendations for coloring at-home, be sure to pick a shade that is not too warm and look for colors that have the words “cool” or “ash” in it.

This Fall - Natural colors win “Most Popular”: The great thing about natural looking colors is that they have a spectrum of different tones – making them more eye-catching . Natural looking colors are often softer and prettier than ultra-cool or ultra-warm haircolors and are sophisticated and chic. My salon clients are loving them – and with Natural Instincts Brass Free you will too!
Keep brass where it belongs! With Natural Instincts Brass Free you don’t have to worry about those unwanted orange and red tones - the formula has the perfect amount of warm and cool tones to combat brassiness.  With Brass Free you can enjoy natural-looking haircolor and the outdoors without having to worry about becoming brassy.

Brass Free comes in four shades – here is why! Brass is relative. Redheads are all about warm red and orange tones - It’s what makes them!  That’s why there are no red shades. Really dark brunettes can’t go brassy because there is too much melanin, (color or pigment) in the cuticle. On the flip side, really light blondes can’t go brassy because there’s not enough melanin, or enough color in the hair. The haircolors that have the most potential for brassiness are medium and dark blonde and light and medium brown, which is why Natural Instincts targeted these shades and created a solution-oriented product in these four shades. 

You can pick Natural Instincts Brass Free shades at drugstores and mass merchandisers for just under $10.