NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact.

If you are anything like me, you use more than one concealer on a regular basis. Covering dark spots, under eye circles, while trying to lighten and brighten, needs more than one shade. That is what makes this compact perfect. It is from Redpoint Anti-Aging Cosmetics, and this is their NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact.

You will notice three different shades in the compact. And each shade has a different texture, as each one is designed to cover and treat different areas of the face. The three shades and what they are designed to do:

  1. The Yellow color is designed to cover up red areas. Think blemishes, redness around the nose or on the eyelids, rosacea. Just a bit of this creamy formula blended out with your fingertip, conceals the redness.
  2. The Salmon color is formulated to disquise age spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, etc. I like to use a concealer brush to apply this color and blend over and around any dark spot to make it appear as though it was never there.
  3. The Beige color is the color most typically found in concealers, as this one is made to cover up under-eye circles. Not only does this conceal the dark circles, it is thick enough to stay in place under the eye without caking.

As a bonus feature of this product, each cream is infused with ingredients to treat the specific problem it is covering.

NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact is available online at Redpoint Beauty for $38. But... I need to tell you that this compact, in it's full size, is included in the first BeautyFix kit. If you have not read about BeautyFix yet, please read my earlier post and add up the savings yourself! You might want to stay in touch with latest about BeautyFix too, and you can do that right through it's page on Face Book: