Video Demos from NARS Cosmetics.

NARS Cosmetics embarks on a mission to teach women makeup techniques! Finally - and a pretty genius idea, if I say so myself. NARS created these foolproof beauty videos that provide a step-by-step guide on how to acheive flawless skin and rosy cheeks.

The video demonstrations are available on the NARS website, but I have them for you here to.

Video 1, “A Healthy, Radiant Complexion,” features NARS International Senior Stylist James Boehmer giving tips and tricks on using foundation and concealer.


Video 2, “A Beautiful Cheek,” provides a detailed guide on achieving gorgeous, contoured cheeks by NARS International Senior Stylist Uzo. 


Two additional videos will be launched in the next six week so stay tuned for lips in early November and eyes in December. Genius. Did I say that already?