Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

What it does for the face, it can now do for the body. Elizabeth Arden's Prevage just introduced Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti Aging Moisturizer. This is the ultimate anti-aging cream for the body - which is often neglected as far as anti-aging treatments go.

Moisturizing your body and keeping it soft and smooth is one thing - protecting it form the elements and age while repairing the damage is another. Prevage is just the latter.

Packed with the most powerful antioxidant formulation called Idebenone plus a very unique Tripeptide Complex, to totally transform the skin. The clinical reports are amazing on this beauty.

"Over 85% of consumers tested observed a reduction in the look of minor scars, stretch marks and dimpled skin and 67% of consumers also saw a reduction in the appearance of age spots and discolorations."

Yes, that is a wow! I have been using this on my hands for just a few weeks and the results are totally deserving of the wows - and then some. My pesky dark age spots are literally disappearing right before my very eyes. It has made the most difference than anything that I have tried to date. I am so very excited about this and urge you to get on over to your closest Elizabeth Arden counter and give this a try. Do not let the $135 price tag scare you. A little goes such a long way and it works like nothing else - really.