Saks Fifth Avenue Polished Face Kit.

Leave it to SAKS to fill a Marc Jacobs clutch with some of the most coveted beauty products out there. I don't know how I missed this beauty - it is simply divine. D-I-V-I-N-E!!!

Take a look at the Saks Fifth Avenue Polished Face Kit in all it's glory:


Think of it as the SAK's best of beauty kit, because that is what is inside.

"Tucked inside this Marc Jacobs leather clutch is everything you'll need to achieve a fresh, polished face. Includes Dior 5-Color Eyeshadow compact in Tender Chic, Nars The Multiple in Copacabana, Yves Saint Laurent Touch Blush in Number 2, Giorgio Armani Gloss in Number 16, Guerlain Le 2 Two-Brush Mascara in black and a deluxe sample of Chanel Sublimage."

$198 ladies - a super deal if you were to add the beauties up inside. I want it. I want it NOW! Well, it is nearing number one on my latest wish list.