L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara.

L'Oreal has gotten into a new category with their latest mascara, as they recently introduced Double Extend Beauty Tubes. The first thing I thought of was Blinc Kiss Me Mascara and how it binds to the lashes and forms tubes around them. Double Extend bascially does the same thing. Where it differs, is that Blinc is a single process, while Double Extend is a double process.

Double Extend is a two sided product, with a different brush and formula on each side. You first prime with a coat with the white brush and then use the second side to "tube" and extend your lashes.

So, I used the primer and quickly moved onto the mascara. Using a simple sweeping motion, I slowly moved the wand from my lash line to the tip. Multiple coats won't work as the formula adheres around the lashes as it is applied. My lashes are pretty long and dark already, but I did notice a bit of length to the lashes. They were not thick and not too much longer than what I already had.

The end result wasn't bad. I did notice definition and the bit of length, but it was not really what I want from a mascara. I like to get volume and length from my mascara, much more than what this one gives. I think this formula might be best for someone with very full or very short lashes, or perhaps very sparse lashes to begin with. Also, removing the mascara takes getting used to and a bit of extra work. You need to use warm water and a wash cloth and apply gentle pressure to the lashes to remove the tubes from the lashes.

L'Oreal has some awesome mascaras' in their line up. My L'Oreal favorites are Bare Naturale and Voluminuous, so I was a bit suprised that this wasn't one of their best as well.