Beautiful Makeup Search Top Ten Concealers of 2008.

Concealers are the secret weapon of the beauty industry. Whether using them to hide or even brighten or highlight with brighteners or highlighters, these beauties are really a category unto their own. Here are my favorite concealers/brighteners/highlighters of the year, listed in no particular oder.

  1. Lancome Flash Retouche - This pen style concealer is a bit of a highlighter too. It contains a very small bit of pearlessence to it and I like to finish my face with a quick swipe of this concealer/highlighter under my eyes. It is especially great in the inside corners of my eye to make me look a bit more alive during the day.
  2. MAC Cosmetics Select Cover-Up - This is my secret camouflage. It is more like a liquid with superb coverage that you squirt out of a tube. I squirt out a dot and mix it will a light moisturizer on the back of my hand and then use a brush to apply. Once I have it in place, I sort of dab the mixture into my skin to hide whatever needs hiding.
  3. Benefit Cosmetics Ooh La Lift - This is a pink liquid that goes on with a sponge tipped applicator to brighten and highlight. This is perfect directly under the brow and again, on the inside corners of my eyes. If I need a little extra pick me up during the day, I sometimes dab a bit on my finger and spread it out on the tops of my cheekbones too.
  4. Givenchy Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen - This is another pen like applicator where the brightener comes out through the brush. I like to brighten up under my eyes with this during the day, especially if I am going out at night. I sometimes dab a bit on the cheekbones, down the middle of my noe, and smooth a bit on my forehead and on the center of my chin to give my face some radiance. 
  5. MAC Cosmetics Studio Touch-Up Stick - This looks to be limited online now and I sure hope they are not discontinuing it, because this is a staple in my purse. Touch-Up stick is perfect for on the go touch-ups as it glides on in the form of a pencil.
  6. Redpoint NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact - With three colors for covering, correcting and neutralizing red spots. Not only does the makeup itself work very well, it is jam packed with some powerful anti-aging ingredients to work on the skin it is covering. The shades are very pigmented and a bit too dark for me in the winter, but I actually use this almost alone in the Summer with my faux-tan.
  7. Chantecaille Total Concealer - When I need to do a quicker makeup that needs some heavy duty creamy coverage, I turn to this instead of Select Cover-Up. I apply this with a brush and then blend over the spots that need coverage. This is better for drier skin as it is definitely creamy and long-lasting.
  8. Smashbox Photo-Op Under Eye Brightener - This is another product that is pink based and really brightens up the under eye area. I prefer this one in the summer as well, as it seems to be more pearly and looks perfect with my bronzed skin.
  9. Three Custom Color Creme Concealer Trio - When I need to do my makeup perfectly (I know I should aim for this everyday) I go to this beauty and mix and blend the three shades in my palette to sculpt here, cover here, highlight there. The creamy formulas blend on with ease, stay where they are put and last all day. If you are one who likes to spend time and reshape your face with makeup, definitely try this palette out.
  10. Tarte The Eraser Concealer - This is another one floating around the bottom of my handbag at all times. It is also of the pen type applicator variety and the formula is clicked up through the brush. It is easy to use on the go when I need a bit more coverage.