Did you Get or Give Beauty this Year?

I hope you had (or are still having) a fabulous Holiday.

I got a gorgeous jar of Angel by Thierry Mugler Perfumed Body Cream. It smells gorgeous, and as I am not a wearer of perfume, a perfumed body cream is definitely up my alley. And Angel is a gorgeous scent.

I also got a gift card to Sephora and Victoria's Secret. Yes, my VS gift card is probably meant for my usual after Christmas yearly bra and panty splurge, but I have been eyeing a few of their beauty goodies online, so I will undoubtedly spend at least part of it online, where they are having a beauty clearance sale.

I got to see my dream gift, Bobbi Browns' train case that was stock full of Bobbi beauties, as my sister-in-law found it under her tree. Remember the one I talked about that was an exclusive to Neiman Marcus? I even got to take a pick of the products she wouldn't use and I selected the EXTRA Moisturizing Balm. I guess I am the only one with very dry skin and I was beyond thrilled to have it re-gifted to me.

So, what beauty goodies did you give or receive this Holiday? And if you got a beauty gift card, what do you plan on buying? Let me know in the comments!

The Holidays don't officially end for me until the kids are all back in school,. That won't be happening here until January 5th, so I will keep celebrating and relaxing (as much as possible) until then. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Holiday's as well.