Laura Geller Fresh Baked Beauty.

When a friend of mine told me how much she was in love with Laura Geller products, and after watching a few of her beauty shows on QVC, I knew I needed to give some of her goodies a try. I figured there is no better way to try out a selection of Laura Geller than with one of her great kits. And as Laura is best known for her "baked" products, I think this was a great one to try. Meet Laura Geller's Fresh Baked Beauty.

This boxed set (think Holiday giving here, ladies!) contains five versatile products. In the kit:

Balance-n-Brighten - This powder, that does feel creamy as it is brushed on, gives an overall balanced finish to the face. For a quick face, it can be used along on lighter complexions. Or, if you need to wear foundation, use this as a finishing powder for a more luminescent glow.
Blush-n-Brighten in Pink Grapefruit - This is a beautiful blush color with a hint of pink shimmer and swirls of mauve and beige. It is so natural and a neutral color palette, but can be built up for a more intense pop of color for a night out.
Baked Marble Eyeshadow Duo - in Blue Icing/ Coffee Cake, this mix of colors can go on all swirled together for a quick and simple look. Or you can select just the blue gray color for a nice wash of shimmer, or select the bronze color for a more intense eye.
Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo
- in Blueberry/ Dutch Chocolate, use either side to compliment the look you selected with the shadows. The Dutch Chocolate is a very deep, rich brown that glides on with an eye liner brush and looks perfect with either of the shadows. the Blueberry is bright, but just a bit of this on the upper lash line with the Blue Icing shadow is beyond beautiful, and makes the shimmer wash of a shadow much more worthy of evening.
Lip Gloss in Better Than Bare  - This is the perfect end to any of the looks you can create with this kit. The color is universal and the gloss contains a good amount of pigment and gloss, where it can be worn alone.

The only thing missing in the kit are brushes to use to apply them. I have a huge amount of brushes, but for a lady who is really just getting into a full face of makeup, I think that a powder brush, blush brush, shadow brush, eye liner brush, and lip brush could be essential. Obviously the price would go up, but I think it would be a welcome addition.

It is interesting to note how these "baked" beauties are created: "Made in Italy, Geller's baked beauty imparts a sunkissed glow and dimension to all complexions and skintones. Starting out as a liquid swirl of colors, they are mixed by hand and poured onto individual terracotta tablets before they are baked for 24 hours, blending together in a marbleized, dome-shaped tablet."

The powders do have a very creamy feel and almost creamy look to them, not at all like powders of the past. The process of the baking as a liquid must infuse this creamy goodness into the products. They are unlike most powders and I think you need to give them a try to appreciate what a difference this more creamy powder formula is. When gliding my finger over one of the compacts, they even feel creamy.

Fresh Baked Beauty ($60) is a limited edition kit and is available only at Sephora and, so check it out there.

Another one of Laura Geller's best sellers is her primer called Spackle which I plan to put to the test this week. Check back for my findings on that.