Beautiful Makeup Search Top Ten Things I'd Like to Forget.

Oh yes, things are not always beautiful, now are they. There are obviously some items I did not talk about this year or things that I just wish were not so - blah. This is the "Things I'd Like to Forget" edition of 2008. Please feel free to chime in after the post (in the comments) with what beauty related items of 2008 you would like to forget.

  1. The Economy - I wish the economy were just not so bad right now. I have known for over a year that we were in a recession and those money people are finally admitting it. It is really tough on a gratuitous industry as beauty. Besides people in the beauty industry getting laid off (CHANEL just reported they are laying off 200 people!), women are giving up their manicures/pedicures, facials, massages, even hair care services. And this affects those in the beauty service industry and the small salons that we will probably see close during the year.
  2. Moving Mascara Wands - This still scares me. I know that Oscillation set records for being the fastest selling mascara ever, but I still don't see the point. A good mascara and a steady hand always works - no moving parts needed.
  3. NY Times Article Bashing Beauty Bloggers - The end of January, the NY Times pegged beauty bloggers as product whores or just in it for the swag. I don't think I ever wrote about how I felt about the article, but simply put: I started Beautiful Makeup Search in 2001 before blogs were even called blogs. I wrote here for years and years with just a passion for writing about beauty products and that is still why I write it. Yes, there are plenty of bloggers that have started since then just for the swag, as they say, but when those said bloggers realize that the swag just doesn't come, you see their blogs quickly disappear. 
  4. Black Lip Gloss - These black hued lip glosses sold out - yes, sold out. I think they sold out for the collector's aspect, as I never EVER saw anyone wearing black lip gloss. There is simply no way to (in the word's of Tim Gunn) make it work.
  5. The Posh Bob - Need I say more?
  6. Splendicity as a Community No Longer - The wonderful community of beauty, fashion and style bloggers that I put together for b5media was dissolved with no reason except to use the name for something else. It made me mad, but now I am just sad as it was a fantastic community of bloggers. I do cherish the friendships I made through the bloggers though, so if anything good came of it, the friends I found was definitely it.
  7. Diversion - I never realized how much of a problem that diversion was until I started seeing Bare Escentuals at Target and the best of hair care brands at cheap variety stores. This is not necessary just to save a buck/make a buck. Please only buy beauty products from authorized retailers.
  8. Overpackaged Products - Products with oodles of extra boxes or cartons are not doing us any good. A pretty bottle or compact is all I need. The extra layers of outer packing on beauty products is getting ridiculous. Even though some of them are pretty, the environment would be much better without so much extra packaging.
  9. Zit Zappers - I have tried most of the over the counter gadgets this year, and not on myself. I enlisted my hormone raging 13 and 16 year old for numerous tests and trials. Unfortunately, there is not a single one that I would recommend.
  10. Imitators - From beauty innovators to magazines, to those of us who author beauty and fashion blogs, there is always someone trying to copy someone. Or something. Yes, imitation can be a form of flattery, but we can do without most imitations. The products and people rarely live up to the hype.

Again, share your worst beauty products/trends/moments in the comments.