Glitter Eyes Palette - Perfect for New Years Eve.

While looking to spend yet another Sephora Gift Card - so thankful - I ran across this palette. It is made by Sephora and it called their Glitter Eye Palette. And I can just picture it all glittery and glistening for some sparkly smokey eye on New Years Eve - if only I was going somewhere and not hosting a small party at home.

This must-have set includes:
- Two  eyeshadow shades
- Sparkling Eye Pencil
- Gradual Volume Black Mascara
- Mascara Liner glittering fluid for lashes and lids

Applicators and instruction are even included in this great little beauty, all for just $38.

Maybe I will pick it up and get all decked out to sort of freak out my guests anyway. Sometimes I just love being overdressed, and this eye palette will definitely have my eye look definitely looking over the top.