In with the New, Brushes.

So, hopefully you took my advice and cleaned out all of your old makeup. While digging around through all your beauty goodies, you might have decided to toss a few brushes. Am I right?

Starting the year with a new set of basic eye and face brushes can be money well spent. And if you invest in high quality brushes, the investment will be definitely worth it.

My favorite brushes come from MAC, Bobbi Brown, and billy b beauty. Some are newer as I stock up on the MAC Holiday brush collections and toss older eye brushes, but my main stay brushes, especially those for my face and foundation, are a few years old now. And they are in perfect condition. Now, taking care of your brushes is another post in itself, and it is one I plan to elaborate on soon. Just know that taking care of them is important to get the proper use and many, many years out of them.


Here are my must have brushes I use almost everyday:

billy b beauty
Three - I love this for my bronzer and/or highlighting powder.
Four - I use this to apply loose powder under my eyes to catch eyeshadow that falls. I then use it to clean up and set my concealer.
Eleven - This one is perfect for using with a dark shadow as an eyeliner or with a cream eyeliner for a more Cleopatra eyeliner look.

Bobbi Brown
Face Brush - This one is for my compact powder to set my makeup.
Concealer Brush - This is small enough to apply creamy concealers to where I need it perfectly every time.
Eyeliner Brush - I use this with most shadows for eyelining.

129 Short Handled Brush - For loose powder and sometimes highlighter, or when I add a pop of blush color to my cheeks.
169 Angled Blush Brush - This is probably the softest brush and is perfect for contouring or just applying blush to the cheekbones.
187 Duo Fibre Face Brush - I am addicted to this one for powders, and liquid and spray foundations. Used correctly, it leaves a perfect airbrushed look.
190 Foundation Brush - This brush is great for heavier foundations, liquid or cream.
217 Blending Brush - Can't get enough or a more perfect eyeshadow blend than with this brush. I have probably five or six of these for all different shade ranges.
227 Large Fluff Brush - For any powder application, this one is perfect.
239 Eye Shading Brush - I have so many of these two and try to keep them for different shade ranges as well. This is the easiest brush to apply eyeshadow with - hands down.