Le Metier de Beaute Holiday Color Kit.

There is a luxuriously beautiful new brand of color cosmetics available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. Yes, luxury is written all over it. Meet Le Metier de Beaute.

Le Metier de Beaute is luxurious from not  only the look and feel of the sleekly designed products, but attention to each and every detail is brought to life through this brand. From the packaging, to color trends and formulas, it is all top notch.

For the Holiday's Neiman's has a wonderful Holiday Color Kit Available.

Le Metier de Beaute's Holiday Color Kit includes the rare prestige, black lip gloss and black and gold nail lacquer. In addition to the modern shade duo, a Precision Liquid Eyeliner in black completes the set with a proprietary, paraben-free formula and meticulous applicator and design.

Aside from the black lip gloss - sorry, I tried it and it is not for me (really, I don't  know who it would look good on), the rest of the products are worthy of the $150 price tag and then some. The creamy lip gloss is very moisturizing and highly pigmented, leaves a brilliant gloss to the lips and lasts and lasts. The nail polishes are equally impressive, which is not always the case with a color cosmetics brand. The formula dried quickly to a nice shine and lasted most of a week on my natural nails.

You can learn more about the entire color collection from Le Metier Beaute online. I am anxious to hear what you think of this new brand.