Skyn Iceland's Pure Cloud Cream.

Formulated to calm stressed skin, Skyn Iceland's Pure Cloud Cream is in one word - a dream.

After a week in the rain, wind, snow, and bitter cold; my itchy, overly dry and sensitive skin needed help. I grabbed this jar of Cloud Cream hoping that my skin would get some sort of relief. Upon opening and taking in the beautiful light and fresh scent, and then feeing how cushiony the cream felt in the jar, I was so excited to scoop right in and I slathered a pretty generous amount all over my face and neck.

My skin immediately felt satisfied. It felt quenched and looked brighter - just as I smoothed it on. After a full day of makeup, my skin still felt great, but I still could not wait to remove the makeup and apply more of this cream. It really felt that good.

I used Skyn Iceland's Pure Cloud Cream for three mornings and nights, to only start to use something else, as I have to often switch my moisturizers up to bring on all the reviews.  This is when I noticed that my skin did not feel as nice as it previously did, and I know it was craving the relief I got when I used the Cloud Cream. 

If your skin is at all stressed from the elements or sensitive after a cosmetic treatment or procedure, you must give Cloud Cream a try. I do not know what exactly does the trick - whether it is the aloe and oat extracts or the peptides that help skin immediately feel so good. Like I said, it is a dream, and however it works, it's wonders is more than enough for me.

Pure Cloud Cream costs $75 for the 1.7 oz. jar, and is available at, Sephora Stores,,, as well as other fine retailers.