Sometimes, Seeing is Believing!

I was excited about the Fafi MAC Collection, sure. But from looking at the packaging and product photos, I really thought that most of the collection would not suit me. Boy was I wrong - I am loving this collection! The colors are a little brighter, yes, especially when comparing them to say the N Collection. But a little pop of color never hurt anyone. And these colors are gorgeous - and they are so getting me in the mood for Spring.

First, just look at the packaging. I am such a beauty geek, I swear. But packaging is sometimes what totally attracts me to a product. I am sure that I am not the only one who noticed that when you put some of the packages together, you get the total picture. Cool!





Then there is the shimmer in the products. I really love shimmer, especially when it is not overdone. 




The top photo is of the Iridescent Powder in Belightful, a beautiful light peachy gold, with lovely shimmer. Then there is the Eye Quad #1, which are all my colors, and yes, sheer and shimmery. And last, there are my three favorite lipglasses, Sugar Trance, Totally It, and Cult Fave. I have been wearing Sugar Trance all day and have received numerous compliments, which is always wonderful.

If you have not seen MAC Fafi in person, you really need to. But make sure you bring the money, because once you see it and believe how beautiful it is, there will be no stopping you buying it all.